Katy Park

Sign on Katy Park Restroom[/caption]Spring is here and that means there is lots of great weather to take the family out. Sedalia is full of great parks. I love going out to places like Liberty Park, Katy Park, Centennial Park, Cloverdell Park and Vermont Park, just to name a few of the parks in Sedalia.

The enjoyment of seeing the kids go down the slides, play on the playgrounds and running around the tracks are some of my favorite things in life.

However, with all that enjoyment comes something I hate to see. While enjoying a nice day at Katy Park, I couldn't help but notice that the women's bathroom was closed recently on the account of vandalism. It saddened me to see that our beautiful parks could be so desecrated. This bathroom was one of the new additions to offer a boys and girls bathroom and have bigger stalls, compared to the old unisex bathroom that still stands just a few feet away.

I don't understand why somebody feels the need to vandalize a bathroom. It was sad to see a little girl have the need to go to the bathroom, only to see she couldn't go. A mother knocked on the boys bathroom and then let her in and stood guard until she came out.

Mark Hewitt, the Sedalia Parks & Rec Director, informed me that the damage was extensive and unfortunately graffitti and property damage has come more frequently than he'd like at our parks. He has upped some security measures and hopefully that will deter such acts happening again.

I can only hope that everyone takes care of our great public property. Sometimes I hear the complaint that there is nothing to do and maybe that's why criminal activity such as this takes place, but for every dollar of damage that is done, that's a dollar taken from some other project that could progress our city parks a little more. There shouldn't be any excuse worth it to do this damage.

I do hope that even with park security, it's hard to manage all the parks, so it's up to us to take care of our beautiful parks. If you see someone damaging property, be sure to call Park security or even Sedalia Police.

Meanwhile, let us all enjoy the parks and hopefully it will be a peaceful and tranquil experience and with any luck we don't have to worry about this again.

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