This summer, my kids took swim lessons at the Liberty Park Pool and have long enjoyed going swimming.  I think everybody has a great memory of summer growing up, and I'm sure swimming has to be in there somewhere.   I can remember my brother and I swimming in the big pool in Germany, taking swimming lessons at Whiteman Air Force Base and even swim time at H. Roe Bartle Campgrounds.  All great memories.

Perhaps one of my favorite memories is going to neighbors' pools and swimming around.  This summer, I decided to make the plunge and we got a small pool for the kids.  I have seen a lot of people with the "blue" pools and I thought, why not give it a shot.

I happened to notice a sale going on and got the Summer Escapes 10 x 30 pool, and I have to say it was an instant hit.   My kids jumped into the pool and proclaimed it the "best day ever."  Of course, I side with my wedding day and birth of kids as my favorite days, but hey, in the eyes of the kids, having a pool is good too.

This was a Father's Day gift and while the clothes may come and go, I think it's safe to say this pool should be a good one for the kids and create a lot of family memories that I'm looking forward to.