If you're heading to the Ozarks over the Fourth of July you might have to engage in a little bit of a scavenger hunt to fill up your tank.

KY3 reports that a tanker driver shortage is causing temporary gas outages in different parts of the county, and the Ozarks area is one of them.

AAA told KY3 that the pandemic decimated the gasoline market, and many drivers either retired or took other jobs. With the country re-opening and many now wanting to travel after being cooped up for 18 months, it's been a little bit of a challenge getting the tanker trucks on the road and gas stations supplied.

AA’s Public Affairs Specialist Nick Chabarria told the television station the gas shortage isn't a widespread issue, it's more of an inconvenience.

Chabarria told KY3, “Local gas stations are trying to readjust their supply. More people are filling up again as places reopen and with summer travel. It is just like anything else when there’s a backlog it’s just going to take a little bit more time to get delivered than then may be needed.”

My takeaway from the story: it's possible your favorite gas station could be out of gas when you want to fill up over the Fourth of July. And if you're heading to a touristy area like Branson or the lake that will be taking care of many folks over the holiday, you might stop at a station with thirsty gas pumps. That said, you'll be able to go down the road a bit and find another station where you can fill up.

The bottom line, be proactive. Start planning to fill up before the low gas light comes on. Perhaps when you have about a quarter tank left. That way you'll have some time to find another gas station if the one you pull into is having some temporary supply problems.

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