Fansided has published a list of the best and the worst of every state in the United States. For example, the best of Montana is that it's a great state to have pet cats. They live longer there. The worst is internet access. It's pretty bad there according to the article. So what about Missouri? Keep reading, I promise it's not as absurd as the best part of living in Montana. In fact, the best and worst of Missouri are related, more or less.

Should we start with the best or the worst? I say we start with the worst. I'm a bad news-first person, so let's get that out of the way first, then move on to the best of our fine state.

Worst of Missouri

Fansided says the worst of Missouri is tornadoes. Here's what Fansided says about this.

"Missouri may not get a lot of storms, but their location in Tornado Alley means that they do experience a very high number of tornadoes." They then go on to say our state experiences roughly 47 tornadoes a year.

If that's the worst of Missouri, I'll take it. For example, the worst of Kansas is human trafficking. The worst of Minnesota is the winter. Not to mention the worst of Colorado is its drug problems. So yeah, at least when it comes to tornadoes, that's kind of expected here.

Best of Missouri 

I mentioned earlier that the best and worst of Missouri are linked. I'm proud to say Fansided has figured out what we already know. Missourians are giving people. Fansided says, "Missouri residents understand the need to help one another and have topped the charts for their charity."  They go on to specifically cite St. Louis as one of the most charitable cities in the United States which is pretty cool.

Of course, giving isn't just limited to St. Louis, nor is it limited to just money. We highlight that spirit of giving every month with our Central Bank of Sedalia Unsung Heroes program, which highlights a community member with a generous heart every month.

In my mind, our state's generosity is a very cool thing to be known for. It makes me proud of our state, and our community.

What do you think, do you agree with Fansided's assessment? Or would you choose a different worst and best for Missouri? Let me know.

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