The Missouri State Patrol would like our votes for the 2020 Best Looking Cruiser Contest being held by The American Association of State Troopers. This fun contest pits the design of each state's submitted picture against each other.

The fun part is the different types of ways each department staged their cruisers. For example, our fine state parked their cruisers on the turf at Arrowhead Stadium. Alaska includes what I think is the Northern Lights in their picture. And there is so much eye candy in the New York State Police photo you can spend some time just soaking up the atmosphere of New York City.

I don't know for sure that these State Police Departments didn't go to great lengths shooting photos just for this contest, but I suspect not. I suspect these are publicity shots used primarily for recruiting new officers and staff for the departments.

In a Facebook post, the Missouri State Highway Patrol says they'd like it if you'd look at all the pictures. Then after looking at them all vote for them. As a Missouri citizen and being a good neighbor I'll do just that. However, if I'm being honest. The classic paint job and logos that the California Highway Patrol uses is my hands down favorite. I mean who didn't want to be a cop after watching an episode of "CHiPS"?

You can check out every state's cruiser and vote for your favorite here.


The Best Looking State Police Cruisers

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