The NFL season is young, but I'm already seeing a trend this year that I really don't want to see anymore. There have already been three games delayed or suspended due to weather. The NFL used to play games in any condition. Last Sunday (Sept. 15), there were two delays; Tampa Bay vs New Orleans and then San Francisco vs Seattle.

I remember sitting through a torrential downpour at a Kansas City Chiefs game and there was not one postponement. You put on your rain jacket or your plastic raincoat and you watched the game. The players would have towels or jackets over their uniform on the sideline and would play just as normal on the field.

I remember the thrill of playing in the rain as a kid, jumping into the mud puddles and even playing outside in the thunder and lightning. It was some of the best memories of my youth. I'm sure if you ask an NFL player, they'd remember playing in horrible conditions in the past, especially in the winter.  I wonder if today's standards were in place, would they have not played the "Fog Bowl" that I remember watching on TV between the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles in 1988? Or how about for cold weather games like the "Ice Bowl" between Green Bay and Dallas?

I think a lot of the standard today is in place more for the fans' safety then anything else since the NFL doesn't want to be responsible for accidents at the stadiums. However, if the temperature at Metlife Stadium in New York drops below 30 and it snows for the Super Bowl, will they postpone or suspend the game until it stops snowing? I guess if they did, it would only be the continuation of last year when the lights went off, but at least then, I could understand a delay.

Here's hoping we don't see another delay or suspension for a long time on the account of weather. Take our poll below and let us know what you think, or take the poll here to get points.