We've all encountered this at one time or another. You're out on the highway and you see a sign that says "Road Construction Ahead". A little bit further down the road you see a "Merge" sign. So what's the correct way to merger into traffic?

First off I'll say we almost always find that one driver that's impervious to what should be done when merging into traffic. You know, that "one" driver that decides to race down the lane of traffic that you're supposed to be moving over from...trying to get to the front of the line. You say a few choice words under your breath if the kids or grandkids are in the vehicle with you, or even out loud if you're by yourself. But believe it or not, that driver is actually doing the right thing when merging into traffic.

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, (MoDOT) you should form two lines and merge at the apex or zipper. You know how a zipper comes together when you use it to close two pieces of fabric? The same thing should be done with traffic. Now this is scientific stuff we're talking about.

Now getting drivers to do this is another thing, Usually, everyone is doing their best to get into the single line and watch traffic creep along except for the one driver that cuts in at the merge point at the last minute and gives you the "thank you' wave. I don't think I need to to divulge what one-fingered wave you offer back.

So the next time you need to merger into traffic, you can think about this article and hold your ground until you get to the zipper/merge point or you can just slide over to the single file line and keep cussing under your breath.

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