It's not every day that something like this comes along. The Sedalia Animal Shelter made a post recently on social media about some new to the shelter dogs they're calling "The Frightened Five".  It's hard to tell what kind of dogs they are, because they seem to be a mix.  But apparently, they come with history.  They call them the "Frightened Five" because they've come with history.  From what I can glean, they seem to have been born and raised in a back yard, with little human interaction.  So these dogs will need much more attention, guidance, patience, and love than the average puppy.

Before adopting, please consider these puppies’ needs and acknowledge if you and your lifestyle will fit THEM. These puppies need someone patient. These puppies need someone who can take them into their home and make them feel at home. They have lived their entire lives with little contact in their back yard and have little to no social skills. Can you spend time with a puppy comforting and encouraging it? Can you make time to walk a puppy and make sure they have the opportunity to learn socialization skills with other dogs? Can you both encourage good behavior and discourage bad behavior in a dog? These puppies are in need of a dedicated partner for life – even more so than regular dogs.

You can see that they're sweet dogs just by looking into their eyes.  But you can also see that they're scared, they're not used to humans, and they have no idea how to react. So now is the time, Sedalia. It's time for the Dog People to step up.  These pups need what I would call a dedicated owner.  Someone who's not going to just pet them a couple times a day and leave out some kibble.  I know that one of them has been adopted, although I don't know which one.  Dog lovers, people with patience, maybe someone who had a dog years ago and is ready for the challenge again... these pups need you.  They need your love, your protection, and most of all, your guidance.

Call the Shelter at (660) 826-5816 to set up an appointment to meet one of them.  Maybe your home will be the perfect fit these dogs need.

Adoptingly yours,

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