Trevor is a young man who hopes to join the military and loves playing his guitar and listening to Country star Brett Eldredge while trying to pass the time at his residential facility.

The Central Missouri Foster Care & Adoption Association is trying to help him find the forever family he needs and wanted to show him some support. What his Extreme Family Finders did next was amazing.

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Tim, his EFF Investigator reached out to a friend of his to get Trevor some NAVY gear since he wants to join the military. But the EFF team wanted to do a little more. So Jaime, the EFF Family Finder, reached out to Brett Eldredge's team in Nashville and explained the teen's situation and that he loves playing guitar and loves playing Bret's albums.

Brett heard Trevor's story and sent the teenager some personally signed items! Trevor was totally surprised and overjoyed by the gifts. Additionally, it showed that he wasn't alone and that the EFF was there to help him, support him, and cheer him on for his future successes.


In case you are not familiar, The Central Missouri Foster Care & Adoption Association's mission is to provide, "Essential services and support to the kinship, foster and adoptive children, youth, and families in Central Missouri."

Extreme Family Finding is the process the group uses to find "Multiple extended family members and kin relationships for children most at risk of aging out of foster care without an adoptive resource."

You can learn more about The Central Missouri Foster Care & Adoption Association here.

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