The Sedalia Animal Shelter recently posted on Facebook that they're looking for "Howl-a-day Helpers". These are volutneers that come in to the shelter on a day like tomorrow, a holiday when the shelter is closed to the public, and make sure the animals are cared for and comfortable.

While it's probably too late to get yourself signed up to work on July 4, I bet you could get all squared away and be part of the program for Labor Day.

For more information on becomming a "Howl-a-day Helper" you can check out the Sedalia Animal Shelther's website here. They also have information on how you can get involved at the shelter as a volunteer on a more regular basis.

If you live in apartment that doesn't allow pets. If you're looking to give back to the community a little bit. Or you just think dogs, cats, and animals in general are cool this is a great opportunity for you to get more involved and make new friends. Both human and four legged!

Here's their Facebook post if you're interested:

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