I have lived in Missouri since 1985, and one of my first memories was going to Worlds of Fun. I recall when I rode the Fury of the Nile, when I would look across the waterways and see all kinds of slides heading into deep pools, tubes everywhere, and much more from the distance.  This was enough to create my interest in heading to Oceans of Fun.   The two parks in Kansas City are actually linked together as Oceans of Fun was created in 1982 in honor of the 10th anniversary of Worlds of Fun and ever since the parks have been linked together, although they cater to two different crowds.

Perhaps one of my first memories was going down the Diamondhead Slide Park, which are the three original body slides to the park.  I remember going down so fast and through the slopes, and it was always the goal of my friends to see who could go fastest down the slide.

While the park has progressed a lot over the course of the years, the traditional slides remain.  I recently had the chance to talk with Public Relations Director Brandon Stanley, who says that while those traditional slides remain you have got to come out the park again.  According to many Oceans of Fun goers, they tell Stanley that the top five things to check out are:

1.) Hurricane Falls, the 72-foot-tall family raft slide.

This seems to be an awesome family experience to ride in a raft together and slide down that many feet and into the water.


2.) Standing under the 1,000 gallon bucket of Paradise Falls, a water playhouse.

I can say I have been under many buckets of water, such as the one at the Warrensburg Aquatic Center, but to have 1,000 gallons dump on you, has got to be awesome.


3.) Surf City Wave Pool, a million gallon wave pool, one of the biggest in the country.

This was one of the original things I remember about Oceans of Fun.   I remember the closer you got to wall, the higher the waves.  Although I was more of a middle of the pool type of guy,  it certainly was family fun to throw a ball around or play with other water toys.


4.) Castaway Cove - an adults only pool with swim up bar, basketball hoop, and satellite TV.

I think the mark of any true park is to have areas for little kids, big kids and adults.  I have had the chance to go to this as an adult and to just relax at the swim-up bar.  It is quite the experience and can give adults a little relaxation time while the kids are swimming with other friends, or just for that "adults only" experience.
5.) Coconut Cove - an activity filled super pool with tube slides, body slides, rope climbs, whole family fun.

This was a family favorite the last time I went as a kid.  Nothing like climbing wet ropes and spraying others with the water guns.

Another favorite that makes honorable mention is the area where you can kayak, which I learned is actually a water area that supplies water over to the rides at Worlds of Fun and allows the parks to be more environmentally friendly.

I'm curious what your favorite activities at Oceans of Fun are, let me know.