There are plenty of amazing homes for sale on Zillow and sites like it. Some of them are posh, some have potential, some make you go wow, and some have some potential. This unique custom-built round steel home near St. Louis is one of those homes that have a little bit of the wow factor and has a lot of potential to be jaw-dropping if someone has a little vision.

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Jennifer Bell of Keller Williams Realty West's description of the six-bedroom, four-bathroom 6,700 square foot home calls it an amazing opportunity in Saint Peters, Missouri close to St. Louis and Lambert International Airport.

The selling points of the home according to the Zillow listing include a large garage with room to tinker. An open floorplan on the main level with lots of different spaces to relax and entertain. A master suite with sliding doors leading to a private deck, a home office with a server room, and wooded property with lots of wildlife.

The home being custom-built and round provide the wow factor. As does the center staircase. Yet, it does seem like the home could use a little bit of work. The bathrooms especially look like they could use some updating. And some of the amenities like ceiling fans and other things look like they probably would have worked better in the 1980s, than today.

Not to mention the home's yard. There really isn't much of one. At least not one where you'd want to entertain. Rustic would be the term I'd use. It just looks unfinished. A little bit of landscaping. Maybe a deck, with a pool, and an outdoor kitchen might increase the wow factor somewhat.

Overall though, I'd buy the place if I had a million dollars and money to burn to make some updates and make it my own. Keep reading and take a look at some pictures of this very unique home for sale near St. Louis.

This Custom Built Round Steel Home Near St. Louis Is For Sale

Check out this one-owner unique custom-built round steel home for sale near St. Louis. This well-hidden home in Saint Peters is near Lambert International Airport and has living space to suit large families. There are plenty of bedrooms, home office space, an open floor plan, a great center staircase, and a beautiful huge lawn. The home is being offered by Jennifer L. Bell of Keller Williams Realty West for $1,200,000. Check out the listing on Zillow.

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