Sedalia will not hold a School Board Election again this year because only the incumbents have signed up to run. While this could show well-deserved confidence in those who now serve, it is disturbing that those people who criticize the current members of the board and the staff of the Sedalia 200 School District in online venues do not come forward to challenge the incumbents for those positions.

As someone who loves a good story, I would enjoy seeing the passion people pour into their comments when they can remain anonymous brought out in face-to-face debates with those they have disagreed with so eloquently from behind their facades.

I have covered the Sedalia 200 School Board meetings for 10 years now, and I am still impressed with the caliber of people who populate the board, but I believe a contested race brings out the issues, which is another reason to hold elections. I hope the next election will see more people running for school board seats, not because I think someone should be replaced, but because I believe there are more than seven people in Sedalia that are qualified to fill those seats.

The main reason I'm writing this is because I am hoping before someone makes critical comments online, they do some self-examination to see if they could do a better job. If they believe they can, the 2015 election will be here soon, and I will look for you among the candidates.

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