It was a battle for the ages, or at least the 2022 school year when members of the Sedalia Police Department battled for bragging rights against the Sedalia Fire Department and Sedalia 200 School Officials in a cardboard boat race in the Joe Arbisi Pool on Monday, May 23, 2022.

So who came away with the bragging rights? Sedalia Police finished first in the race, followed by Sedalia Fire, and coming in last was Sedalia School District 200 Administrators.

There to witness all the action and help members of the two departments and the school district find their inner child were the students of Sedalia Middle School. They were more than happy to egg on the adults. Even calling for certain people, including Sedalia Middle School principal Brett Hieronymus, to dive in for a swim.

Our Randy Kirby was there and got some great pictures of the event which you can check out below. I'm not sure who had more fun with this, the adults or the kids. But it certainly seemed like the adults had a blast.

Pictures: Sedalia Police Place First in Cardboard Boat Race

Sedalia Police, Sedalia Fire, and Sedalia School 200 administrators battled each other in a cardboard boat race in Sedalia Middle School's pool. The Police Department finished first, The Fire Department Second, and Sedalia 200 school officials last. At the end of the event students in attendance were chanting for certain people to jump in the pool, including Principal Brett Hieronymus. Our Randy Kirby snapped some photos of the event.

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