As much as Kmart has struggled in recent years, it was probably just a matter of time before the Sedalia store would end up on the list of Kmart closures. It finally happened late in 2017, and the store was completely gone by the first part of 2018. And now there's an empty former Kmart in the State Fair Shopping Center. What would be on your wish list to occupy that space? Here are three ideas.

Let's go ahead and get this one out of the way. Personally, I'm not holding my breath. On the other hand, I've been wrong in the past (believe it or not). I do know that Target is on the top of the list of businesses Sedalia residents would like to see come to town. I recently saw a blog post from a person complaining about a pothole outside her local Target. All I could think was, "Sedalians would kill to have that Target, pothole and all!"

Sky Zone
I can't take credit for this idea. Someone mentioned it on Facebook when we were talking about uses for the former Hallmark location, and I thought it was a great idea. So I stole it. Thank you, genius listener! For those that aren't familiar, Sky Zone is a trampoline park. You take your kids in, pay for a certain amount of time, and let 'em bounce. Adults can do it, too. If you're lucky, your kids are worn out after visiting and you can get them to take a nap (which means you might get to take a nap!).

Mega Antique Mall
You know those giant, destination antique malls? The kind that have billboards along the highway starting about 100 miles away? It takes an enormous retail space for one of those things. An old Kmart (even a small Kmart like Sedalia's) is an enormous retail space. I've mentioned before, I'm a sucker for treasure hunting. It would be cool to be able to go right up the road and browse through one of these places.

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