Sedalia lost its Kirlin’s Hallmark store store last summer. Several Krilin's stores across the Midwest were closed, including the Sedalia location. The space in the State Fair Shopping Center has been empty ever since. What would you like to see go into the shopping center? It's a pretty decent-sized location - but not big enough for Target, so don't go there! Here are three ideas I had.

Five Below

Five Below is pretty cool. It's basically the same concept as Dollar Tree, except that everything in the store is $5 (or below!). It's a great place for cheap minor electronic items (like HDMI cables), certain office supplies, and even some small sporting goods. My 13-year-old niece likes to go there for cosmetics and inexpensive t-shirts.


Not long ago it seemed like everywhere I went I ran across a Goodwill store...except for Sedalia. I know we already have a Salvation Army Thrift Store and Open Door, but I'm kind of a sucker for "treasure hunting." The former Hallmark would be about the right size for a small Goodwill, but parking at that location might not be ideal, especially if several trucks pulled up with donations at the same time.


An entertainment superstore with DVDs, CDs, video games, comic books and pop culture novelties. I used to shop a lot at Hastings in Warrensburg and in Jefferson City, but they've been out of business for a while. It would be cool to have something similar, like Slackers, in Sedalia.

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