The closing of our local K-Mart store has gotten me thinking back to times past. 

That's the nature of life, though. Things come, things go.  Sometimes it just has to be that way.  There have been so many changes in our lifetimes, and there will be many more. It makes me a little hopeful of what's to come, and a little sentimental about times past.  So, here are a few things I remember about the State Fair Shopping Center, and you can always let me know about your own.

1.  Fresh and Rich Ice Cream. 

It was right behind where Woods West is now. I remember so many times running into the place and practically sliding across the floor.  I'd always get my favorite: Mint Chocolate Chip.

2.  The State Fair Cinemas.

This was The Place To Be when I was in 6th grade. It seemed like everyone wanted to go to the movies or to the roller rink. Well, I couldn't (read: still can't) skate, so that meant movies for me. But after Seth opened the Galaxy Theater, I guess business just died down. I remember seeing "Point Break" in that theater and walking out thinking I was such a rebel. I also saw "Wayne's World" there three times because I was a strange kid.

3.  White's Cleaners. 

There used to be a little building behind Hardee's and beside Wood's West. It was a dry cleaner place, and I think they've moved to Broadway now. Well, I might have the name wrong, maybe it was a different dry cleaner, but I could've sworn it was White's. A friend of my Mother's either managed the place or worked there.

4.  State Fair Restaurant. 

I don't remember much about the place. I  fuzzily remember someone ordering steak and I remember the color red. I might not even have a real memory of the place, maybe a memory of a photo of my parents or grandparents eating there. It was where the old Bing's Pharmacy space is now.

5.  Pearl Vision. 

There's an equivalent of the place there now, but I remember going to get my very first pair of glasses there from my Mother's friend Carol. I was kind of nervous and a little excited - part of me wanted glasses, but part of me didn't. The problem was, I couldn't see the blackboard in Mrs Dabney's class, and I was squinting all the time. Mom said it was because I played too many video games. Who knows.

What do you remember of the older State Fair Shopping Center? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

Fuzzily yours,


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