Sedalia Middle School teacher Kristen Patrick's students are studying 'Systems in Space' and learning about gravity and the impact it has on Earth.

To take a lesson beyond concept, Patrick invited Katie and Travis Jobe of Total Fitness Gym to speak to the class Friday, Jan. 11, about how, through weightlifting, gravity can help build muscle, add strength and improve a person's health.

Sedalia School District 200

During their demonstration, the Jobes discussed proper weightlifting techniques including squats and dumbbell curls. Travis also joined the students in a plank challenge, with six of the students holding proper form for five minutes.

PIC1: Katie Jobe of Total Fitness Gym, right, watches as Sedalia Middle School fifth grader Santiago Silva does dumbbell curls Friday, Jan. 11, during a demonstration about how through weightlifting, gravity can help build muscle. While other students used a 5-pound weight to try dumbbell curls, Santiago insisted on using the 15-pounder, which he curled seven reps.


PIC2: With Travis, left, and Katie Jobe, right, of Total Fitness Gym urging her on, SMS teacher Kristen Patrick displays squat technique for her students during the Jobes' demonstration on weightlifting.


PIC3: Travis Jobe joins SMS students, including Janet Blas, in a plank challenge. Janet was among six students who held their plank position for a full five minutes.

Sedalia School District 200