The Sedalia School District plans to have a tribute to their librarian, Lynn Phillips, who lost her battle with cancer on Saturday, May 26. They are asking students, past and present and anyone else who would like to line the east side of Highway 65 holding a children's book as the processional passes on Thursday, May 31. They ask that you be in place by 11:15 a.m.

I think this will be a great way for students to show their appreciation for her work and devotion she had to be a librarian. Even when she was feeling down, she still was steadfast and the encouragement from fellow teachers, administration, and yes even the loving students kept her going at work. She thrived off that joy of seeing kids come and go in the library.

I have seen many tributes over the years for others, including when Fireman Rick Morris passed away and the streets were filled with fire trucks. They were all moving and showed the community support for these great people.

My son and daughter had the honor of coming and going through the Skyline Library and they are saddened, but they remember the times she allowed them to have an extra book and the smile she gave as kids checked books out. They plan to line up the East Side of 65 as the processional goes from the Celebration Center tomorrow (May 31), and I hope you do too.

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