The Missouri State Fairgrounds will be the site of the Tough Mudder obstacle course in early October. Over 4,500 people are expected to participate in the two-day event.

"It takes a lot of physical fitness and endurance," said Carolyn Crooker with the Sedalia Convention and Visitors Bureau. "The Tough Mudder is a 10-mile - you can either do a half-mudder at 5 or a full 10 mudder - obstacle course/mud run. You get to get dirty and muddy and you get to jump in pools of muddy water, and then you get to run. It's more than an endurance run, it's core values of helping the person beside you to get through the obstacles. It is quite a unique experience and opportunity for us to get them to come to Sedalia."

Tough Mudder has been operating around the world since 2010, and have done over 150 events. The group has donated over $8.5 million to Wounded Warriors, and the Sedalia Tough Mudder will help support Team Rubicon, which unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams.

Susan Mergan with the Sedalia Chamber of Commerce says that volunteers are needed to help support Tough Mudder, especially on Sunday, October 9. "We need volunteers, desperately. Saturday we're in good shape, but I think we need about 60 more on Sunday, and it is going to be fun!" Volunteers are needed for check-in, working on the obstacle course, working with the athletes, and various odd jobs. Those that volunteer will receive free food, a free shirt, a free beer, free admission and free parking. "If you volunteer, there are lots of perks," said Mergan.

Tough Mudder will be rain or shine. "This is not easy," said Mergan. "This is not for the weekend athlete. This is for folks that are in top shape. We are ecstatic to have it here. The economic impact is incredible."

Crooker says that thousands of participants have already registered for the Sedalia Tough Mudder. "There is going to be around 4,500 people that are participating in the run. That was the last count when I talked to the organizer of the Tough Mudder, they have registrations, already - and that was a few weeks ago - of an incredible amount of people."

Those interested in volunteering, or participating in the Tough Mudder, can get more information at