A 2-hour, 10-minute power outage in Sedalia early this morning can be blamed on Mother Nature in the form of a raccoon.

According to Jeremy McNeieve, KCP&L manager of media communications, the outage, which affected 2,400 customers, or about 40 percent of Sedalia's KCP&L customers, was attributed to a raccoon that found its way inside a substation.

Lights went out at 4:35 a.m. and came back on at 6:45 a.m., according to one report. The outage mainly affected the west side of town and some of the north side, it was noted.

All power has since been restored, McNieeve said.

Here at Townsquare, 92.3 Bob-FM was immediately back on the air once power was restored. KIX-1057 took a bit longer to resume its broadcast. KSIS took the biggest hit, due to a power surge that fried a server when power came back on. Newstalk 1050-AM is now back on the air, but with limited power. The online streaming of KSIS is just fine at KSISradio.com.


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