The Missouri Public Service Commission recently approved a request, filed by KCP&L, to change the fuel adjustment charge (FAC) on the monthly bills of electric customers.
A press release from the MPS Commission says that KCP&L made two filings.

In the first filing, KCP&L proposed to adjust the FAC to reflect changes in its fuel and purchased-power costs for six months from January  - June 2017.

The second filing was for KCP&L’s FAC 'true-up.' The press release adds that a residential customer who uses 1,000 kW (per hour) of electricity a month, the FAC
will increase by approximately 27-cents. The change is expected to take effect October 1.

The FAC tariff allows the company to pass increases or decreases in its net-fuel and
purchased-power costs, to customers outside of a general rate case. The FAC allows the company to recover most of its costs, up to 95%.

The press release says this is to encourage conservation in fuel-use by the company. Any charges resulting from the fuel adjustment clause must appear in a separate category on customers’ bills.

The FAC tariff requires regular adjustments to reflect changes in prices the company may incur for fuel, and for wholesale-power purchased, to serve customers.

KCP&L provides services for nearly 272,800 customers in Missouri, including the area counties of Pettis, Johnson, Lafayette, and Saline.

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