Two men have been sentenced in the ambush killing of a drug trafficker in southwest Missouri.

The U.S. attorney's office says 21-year-old Anthony Edward Donovan, of Springfield, was sentenced Monday to 35 years and 20-year-old Nathaniel Austin Lee, of Seymour, to 15 years in prison for the April 2016 death of 24-year-old Oscar Adan Martinez-Gaxiola.

Prosecutors say the victim and another drug trafficker supplied meth to Brooke Danielle Beckley, who wound up with a $44,000 drug debt after law enforcement raided her hotel room.

Beckley, now 21, is serving a 40 year sentence for working out an agreement that if she killed Martinez-Gaxiola, she'd get more time to pay the debt and possibly get it lowered. She then recruited Donovan, Lee and a third person to help her kill Martinez-Gaxiola.

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