While the current pandemic has created tremendous national health concerns, the financial impact on college and university students is heavy. Expressing a strong desire to help students through the challenges posed by this health crisis, the MuleNation network of engaged alumni and friends has reached out to the University of Central Missouri Alumni Foundation to partner in raising funds to provide much-needed assistance.

Meeting students’ emerging needs is a top priority emphasized through the newly established In This Together: Student Hardship Fund. The fund provides valuable support to aid students facing job loss, food insecurity and a variety of other challenges due to COVID-19-related circumstances.

“The In This Together: Student Hardship Fund was created to help address some of the financial loss UCM students have incurred as a result of the pandemic. In just a few days, many in the UCM community have stepped up and generously donated to the fund,” said Courtney Goddard, vice president for university advancement and executive director of the UCM Alumni Foundation. “As always, we are grateful that MuleNation is made up of individuals who rise to meet challenges with commitment, compassion and care.”

The UCM Alumni Foundation is pleased to announce that a number of generous alumni have offered to match up to $16,000 in gifts to launch the In This Together: Student Hardship Fund. Among these donors are Mike ’72 and Patti ’72 Davidson, Frank ’73 and Tamara Deel, Diane ’81 and Chuck ’80 Dudley, Rand ’85 and Kelly ’86 Harbert, Shirley ’67 and Steve Kleppe, Leslie ’77/’78 and Robert Krasner, and Scott ’89 and Christine Taylor. Anyone who is able is asked to please consider a donation to this emergency fund to help students and ensure they can continue to pursue their academic dreams.

“In moments such as these, it is common for each of us to pause to consider the impact on those around us,” said UCM President Roger Best. “Our students, the majority of whom work to help pay for their education, have seen dramatic interruptions in their ability to make ends meet. We are grateful for alumni and friends who are willing to step forward to assist students hit hardest by the economic reality of the COVID-19 pandemic and thereby keep alive their dreams to complete their degrees.”

To learn more about this fundraising opportunity and how to contribute, visit ucmfoundation.org/give.

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