I have a few members of my family whom I would consider gearheads.  Really love their cars.  They like working on them, fixing them, and the older or more classic the vehicle the better.  I suppose if I won an obscene amount of money I would love to own a classic, vintage car to drive on special occasions.

Last weekend I saw a lot of amazing classic cars at the Cole Camp Fair, including some vehicle that were close to 100 years old.  If you just like to see some of the classic American muscle cars from your youth, or have seen on TV, Sedalia has an event coming this Saturday that may be worth your time.

The West Central Missouri Vintage Auto Club is having an event this Saturday in Sedalia.  You can see all of the info above.  If any of you know someone who owns a vintage car, perhaps they can be a part of the event.

My father had an old 70's Ford that I remember him driving for a long time, and I think he ended up selling it for a few hundred bucks.  If he would have kept it, I may have been able to drive that when I turned 16.

As for the West Central Missouri Vintage Auto Club - Their Facebook page describes them as:

We are just a bunch of folks who love old cars and love being around them. Our club meetings provide an opportunity to share experiences, ask questions, and plan car club events. Men and women, young or old, are encouraged to join us!

I think it would be worth your time this weekend to check out some of these very cool rides.  Take lots of pictures, and enjoy the concessions.  Maybe I will see you there.

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