Margaret Ward was named the Central Bank of Sedalia Unsung Hero for the month of May.

Margaret is a State Farm Insurance Agent at 1710 West Main in Sedalia.

We spoke with Margaret and asked her to tell us a little bit about herself.

“I am married to retired Commander Larry Ward, who served the Sedalia Police Department for 30 years in the commander capacity for most of those years. We have five children, and we are expecting our 14th grandchild. I am a lifelong resident of Sedalia. I have several siblings, we're family oriented, and love to do things together with my brothers and sisters. We don't get together a lot. We have a farm north of Sedalia. So we enjoy the cattle, and the burros and the livestock that we raise out there,” Ward said.

And beyond all the work hours she puts in every week, Ward says family comes first. “It pretty much does,” she said.

Remarks from the nomination of Margaret include the following:

“For years, Margaret has been giving back to the Sedalia community. She applies for grants through State Farm, like the Good Neighbor grant or matching fund and with those grants and her own money, she has helped the police department acquire, ballistic vests, tourniquet kits for the officers, car seat, donates to COPs with Coats, Special Olympics Missouri and that is just for the police department. She just received a grant and purchased Bandana gift cards to hand out to people who have continued to work through this pandemic. Always thinking, always giving.”

Margaret said she and her family try to do a lot with the community, whether it is with the SPD (“I've been a supporter since I became an agent in 1994”), but we also try to reach out to other professions that are needing assistance. Last year, we did the Head Start program, where we supported those teachers throughout the year. This year, Christina Sullins, who is a special ed teacher at Smith-Cotton Junior High, is our educator of the year. So we will sponsor her throughout the year, with her needs, and what she does for the classroom and her students,” Margaret said. “So we're always trying to find a program to support in our community.”

A motto of sorts for Margaret lives by is:

“If Larry and I can take one person and brighten their day, then that's a blessing.”

If you'd like to nominate someone you'd like to see recognized as a Central Bank of Sedalia Unsung Hero, go to for details.

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