Is your dog or cat microchipped?

If not, Warrensburg Animal Rescue is holding their first ever low cost microchipping clinc at Axion Internet Services in Centerview on February 20 from 8:00AM -12:00PM CST.

The American Kennel Club points out three reasons why your dog should be microchipped.

The AKC says one in three dogs will go missing at some point in their life. Collars and tags can break, fall off and get lost. A microchip makes it easier to reunite a lost pet with their family.

Secondly, if your dog is stolen a microchip can easily tell authorities whose family the dog belongs to.

And finally, if something happens to you while you're with your dog that microchip can be used to identify who you are.

Microchips don't take the place of your pet's ID tag. According to the quickest way lost pets get reunited with their families is when a shelter or veterinarian can get in touch with the owners through the information found on a pet's ID tag attached to a collar. says veterinarians charge about $50 to implant a microchip in your dog or cat. Warrensburg Animal Rescue will be charging $20 at their low cost microchip clinic. You can sign up to get your pet chipped on their Facebook Event Page here, or through eventbrite here.

Axion Internet Services is located at 375 NW US 50 Highway, Centerview, 64019. When you come to the micochip clinic all dogs must be on a leash and all cats must be in a carrier. All money made will go to helping Warrensburg Animal Rescue run Old Drum Animal Shelter.

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