If someone finds your cat, can they find you? One sure way to make sure you can be reunited with your kitty is to make sure he or she is microchipped.

That's why Warrensburg Animal Rescue and Alpine Boarding and Grooming are hosting an afternoon of nail clipping, cat microchipping and playing with adoptable dogs from Old Drum Animal Shelter.

Alpine Boarding and Grooming will be offering kitty nail trims for $5.00 and microchipping of cats for $20.00 (No dogs, this is a cat only event, at least as far as the nail trims and microchipping goes.)

Additionally Jimmy Johns will be handing out free samples. Jeremy Cash will be performing country music. And Old Drum Animal Shelter will have adoptable dogs available for people to play with during the event. It's free to attend and is taking place at Alpine Boarding and Grooming Saturday June 5 from 12:00PM - 3:00PM CDT. Parking will be available at  The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints next door to Alpine.

According to Petfinder, microchipping a cat normally costs around $45.00 and isn't any more painful to the cat than a routine vaccination. Which makes this event a bargain if you need to microchip your cat.

Additionally, only two percent of cats who aren't microchipped have been returned to their owner. While cats that are microchipped have a return to owner rate 20 times higher. So there really isn't any downside to getting your cat microchipped.

Because of the event the Old Drum Animal Shelter will be closed on Saturday June 5. The shelter will re-open to the public on Tuesday June 8 at 1:00PM CDT.

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