Frame & Unibody Repair
Their frame and unibody repair system is the best in the industry. For their frame and unibody pulls, they use a Chief S21 EZ Liner extended deck, five-tower machine, capable of up to seven separate pulls at the same time from one switch. This allows them to repair a wide range of vehicles. They have the size and power to repair the big dual-quad cab trucks, but still have the finesse for multiple lower pressure pulls needed on the smaller unibody vehicles.

Computerized Measuring System
To make their frame and unibody system complete, they have a Genesis II computerized measuring system. The Genesis II allows them to measure the frame and unibody of the vehicle to determine if your vehicle has frame or unibody damage. With this system, they can bring up from the systems data base any make, model or year of vehicle, foreign or domestic, and give you a before and after dimension print out and monitor the repair on the computer screen so they know where to straighten your frame or unibody to the millimeter. Their frame and unibody technicians are schooled and certified with multiple years of experience and the best in the business with one goal-perfection.

Parts Repair & Installation
They have a spacious sheet metal repair and replacement area that allows their technicians to repair multiple vehicles at a time. Their technicians are all certified and have at their disposal the tools, lifts, welders, etc. to repair your car back to pre-accident condition.

Paint Department
Their paint area is spacious and well equipped. It is partitioned to keep the area as clean as possible. They have a Unicure lighted paint preparation station where they can get your vehicle ready for paint, and where the dust can be controlled to insure a cleaner finish.

Their state of the art Unicure extended-length, drive-through, side exhaust, climate controlled, bake cycle paint booth, utilizing color corrective lighting, allows them to give your vehicle a color-matched, clean baked finish.

For painting smaller items and edging new parts for installation, they have a smaller cross flow paint booth which allows elimination of any paint over spray and keeps any fumes at a minimum.

Their paint computer system allows them to use the vehicle ID number to not only bring up the correct color, but to also bring up the correct alternate to insure as close a match as possible. All their paint is mixed in their climate controlled mixing room by their trained technicians. They use all Dupont products and their painters are trained and certified in the product so they can guarantee the paint they put on your vehicle not to fade or peel with minimal maintenance as long as you own it.

If your vehicle is towed to Warrensburg Collision Repair Center, their outside storage area is fenced and well lit. Once repairs are started on your vehicle, it will stay inside until repairs have been completed.

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