A Warrensburg man was recently arrested for the murder of his mother.

On Tuesday (Mar 20), Warrensburg Police officers were dispatched to the 200 block of W. Sparks Street to receive information on a possible heart attack.

Warrensburg Police Department
Warrensburg Police Department

According to a press release from the Warrensburg PD, upon arrival officers located Karen Miles, dead inside the residence. When the coroner arrived, he noted that Miles had been dead for several hours.

Then on Wednesday (Mar 21), an autopsy was conducted and determined that Miles had been strangled.

While questioning the occupants of the home, officers reportedly noticed one of the occupants, Cameron Miles, had fresh scratches on his face.

During the autopsy, nail clippings were taken from the victim. The nail clippings were taken the Kansas City, MO Police Regional Crime Lab for processing. A swab of presumptive blood was located from a cut fingernail. The sample matched the DNA sample taken from Mr. Miles.

It was reported that Karen and Cameron had an argument the day prior about him not wanting to return to Four Seasons in Sedalia (assisted living). According to a probable cause statement, officers later discovered a letter, written by Cameron, talking about wanting to be his own guardian and not taking medication.

Mr. Miles, the son of the victim, has been charged with 2nd Degree Murder and is in custody at the Johnson County Jail.

In announcing the charges, Prosecutor Robert W. Russell said, “Without the hard work of the Warrensburg Investigations Division, this case would not have been solved so quickly,” Russell continued, “I especially want to thank the KCPD Regional Crime Lab and specifically DNA Technician Jennifer Howard for expeditiously developing the DNA standard.”

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