Students were selected as Washington Elementary's November Wellness Students for "Tootling Not Tattling" (TNT).

School counselor Michelle Hofstetter explained: “Tootling is dynamite! To tootle means to look for and report someone else for doing something positive, helpful, or kind. Our Tootlers know how to lift one another up, be supportive, and celebrate the success of others."

Selected were, front from left: Kyler Brennan, Rachel Rowland, Dharius Montano, Genesis Jones; second row, from left: Sevanna Jones, Abigail Motley, Curtis Shipman, Jack Bologan; third row, from left: Richard Diaz, Sophia Dodson, Rosario Matacua; back row, from left: Tayelor Main, Karla Paz, Madison Intelman.

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