At the NFPB Bullriding at the Mathewson Center in Sedalia last weekend (Feb. 15), I took up the challenge of playing Cowboy Poker, where four people sit at a card table in the ring with a wild bull. The last one touching the table wins.

It's pretty scary having a 2,000 pound bull come within inches of you while you're stuck at a table. I was lucky enough to NOT get hit, and ended up splitting the winnings with one of the other guys. Although nothing too crazy happened, it's still pretty interesting to see.

Kevin Walker took some great pictures, there was a video from the crowd, and I also wore a GoPro camera on my head so you can see it from my perspective. I'm the one on the right in the white T-shirt with the target on the back (sponsored by Rea Funeral Chapel), and the blue baseball cap on backwards. Take a look at the different videos to see just how close I was to being mauled by a bull!

The rodeo takes place this weekend once again at the Mathewson Center, I'll be curious to see if the next group of Cowboy Poker players are as lucky as I was.

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