Husbando is a big fan of chicken and waffles.  As am I!  So when my co-worker Randy showed me the ad for the new chicken and waffles sandwich at Hardee's, I thought... Let's try it. 

Here's basically how it went.  Obviously I'm B, and Husbando is H.


B: It's a huge bag for one sandwich.

H: It's efficient!

B: Alright, here you go.  Go for it.


H:  It's good.  You're gonna get sticky eating it. But it's worth it.  It's really good. It's their classic chicken that they do really well.  The waffles are a little soggy but they're thick, so that's okay. The maple butter glaze, whatever it is, is really good. It's not overly sweet.  It's no Roscoe's, but it's good for fast food.  I'd get it again.

B:  It smells more savory than you'd think.  Yes, there's the sweet with the waffles, but you can tell the chicken isn't a silent partner here. I don't know if I get anything from the breading.  But the sauce is nice, yes.  The waffles are soft, but that's probably for the best.  I love crispy waffles, but I think that might be hard to eat in sandwich form.


H: I think it's the same chicken sandwich that Hardee's normally does.  But they do really good chicken sandwiches.  It's a little smaller, I think, but still good.

B: It starts to fall apart at the end. But it still tastes good. But I understand why its in a wrapper.  Overall, pretty good. I might have it again but it wouldn't be a regular thing.  I mean, it was almost like seven dollars for the sandwich alone.  That's probably because it's a special item.  If it was more like four bucks, yeah.

So that's our review!  If you think you might like it, try it!

Waffingly yours,

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