Time Magazine recently released their list of the world's 100 most influential people. We asked you, if there were a similar list for west-central Missouri, who should be on it? Here are some of the names we received, along with comments from the public.

Allen Hawkins - Former Mayor of Sedalia

He brought many attributes to the city of Sedalia.. All for the good of Sedalia to help it prosper.

Ashlee Paxton - RE/MAX of Sedalia

She gives herself to everything she does. She volunteers her time to her local Boys and Girls Club as well as Parkview Elementary School. She goes above and beyond to help non-profits in the area. She gives selflessly in everything she does for our community.

Brad Pollitt - Superintendent of Sedalia 200

He is very active in the community and cares deeply for the people of central Missouri.

Eddie L. Osborne - Politician

Eddie has been an integral part of Warrensburg's city development. But, perhaps more notably, Eddie has helped develop individual workers he has managed over the years. Some of Eddie's contributions include beautification of Blind Boone Park, participation in youth sports programs, catering youth sports, managing dining halls on campus, business development, his popular musical gatherings at the old courthouse, participation in reenactments, and a run for state representative as a statesman of the people. I've barely scratched the surface. Bravo, Eddie!

Jason Kindle - Physical therapist for Sedalia 200, First Steps and preacher at Bethlehem Baptist church

Jason spends every moment of every day helping Sedalia and Pettis county's youth. As a First Steps physical therapist, Jason is in the home and in daycares seeing his kiddos. He is also full time at the Sedalia 200 school district as a physical therapist. He juggles every school in the district spending two days a week at the Pettis County Early Childhood Co-op. He is a humble man and wouldn't ask to be considered to be on this list, but as a man who is always eager to help others he deserves this, without a doubt. Jason not only helps the youth in our community, but any adult who comes to him with questions, he will spend time helping them as well. On top of his work as a physical therapist, he a a preacher at a Baptist church just south of Sedalia. There, his church family knows they can rely on him and adore him as well.

Larry Foster - Politician

He did a lot for Sedalia.

Natasha Meddock - Director of Abilities, LLC in Warrensburg

Not only does she have two beautiful babies at home, but she also is the director of an amazing company that helps give independence and in most cases a second chance to those who weren’t given a second look. She is a huge inspiration. Also, she helped organize fundraisers as well as donations for the all inclusive park opening in Warrensburg! She not only deserves this but deserves a cape and crown as well!

I would have to second Natasha Meddock. Not only does she help run the best organization in Warrensburg, she has helped many people in many different ways. She has given me the opportunity to help support the best individuals/clients in the Warrensburg area and being very determined to do whatever it takes to help not only better the clients, but better ourselves as staff. If somebody needs assistance with anything, whether it be an emergency situation or just a listening ear, she is there! Natasha, with the help of Abilities staff, has raised quite a bit of money for the inclusive park for every person deserving a place to play no matter their “abilities”. Natasha deserves this more than any person I know!

Natasha leads a DMH-Licensed provider agency of 36 developmentally disabled individuals and 120 employees. She helps developmentally disabled individuals stay in their communities. Natasha has also raised and/or donated over $5,000 on behalf of Abilities for the inclusive park project in Warrensburg.

Natasha is a force to be reckoned with. When she sets her mind to something she is going to do it. I’ve worked with Abilities for almost four years and watched the agency expand from five little ISL’s and group homes to over ten homes with so many amazing individuals. Natasha did that. Natasha provided a safe haven and home to so many people that were turned away because of their disabilities. There’s no such thing as too hard to handle to Natasha; she invites and encourages people to live with Abilities and become a part of our family, where we will love you and take care of you. She gives these people the stability in their life that, for most of them, have never had. Natasha leads a life with others at heart. She is the most influential person in MY life.

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