It can be the time of year when everybody's health seems to be up and down. With the constant changes in the weather, it can be really nice one day and bitterly cold the next. That's bound to mess with your health at least a little bit. I thought we'd talk about what YOU do about it.


I thought it might be un-diagnosed allergies at first, but they both had this bug at different times. It's been a fight of mucus, sneezing, coughs, the whole lot. We've got them taking cold pills and cough syrup, but it can only help so much, you know?

So I thought back to the olden days when my Grandmother and Mother would give me tips on what to do at home to feel better. Grandma's favorite remedy to cut down on snot and coughs was to gargle with warm salt water. Mom always used to say to put some mentholated rub on your feet and then put on socks.

We've done both of those things along with some vaporizers and stuff, but I wondered what you do, or what you were told by family and friends in situations like these. What are your common cold home remedies?

Let me know in the comments below. Who knows, you might end up hearing about a new one that might work for you next time.

Sickly yours,

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