When it comes to fairs and festivals everyone has their traditions. Growing up in Chicago going to the Illinois State Fair wasn't really something we did. That didn't mean we didn't attend fair like things. For us, we usually went to Chicagofest, or after that went away and I was older, Taste of Chicago.

One of my traditions was going to watch the radio stations broadcast and try and get a piece of swag. That all started when back in 1978 or 1979 I got a visor from "Chicago's Finest Rock" 93 WXRT. That was a tradition that lasted all through my family going to Chicago Fest and then me attending Taste of Chicago with my friends.

One other tradition my friends and I had for Taste of Chicago in high school, and part of college, was sitting in the second row at WXRT's free Fourth of July concert. That was rather short lived. Alternative music exploded, and WXRT being an alternative station, got some hot acts. And what was a fun manageable experience became a rather trying experience. So we stopped doing that the year we couldn't get our seats right up front.

So what I'm really interested in are what are what your Missouri State Fair traditions are.

Here are some fair traditions you might be familiar with or practice yourself:

  • Stopping by to say hi to Beau, Behka or Rob and pick yourself up a radio station T-Shirt.
  • Attending at least one grandstand concert every summer.
  • Enjoying a meal from the Beef House, Pork Place or McKinney's Fried Chicken.
  • Buying the big bag of cotton candy to save some for later.
  • Enjoying some fair food from one of your favorite fair vendors.
  • Riding the Ferris Wheel with your significant other.
  • Checking out some of the ag exhibits and animals at the fair.
  • Making sure you take a tram ride.
  • Picking up a Missouri State Fair T-shirt.

For Kathy and I, our current State Fair tradition started when we lived in Indiana and I'd go to Indianapolis for the fair. Kathy's not a big fair and festival fan, but she does enjoy fair food. So she asked me to bring her some fair treats home. Indy was over an hour ride back to our home so I started with bringing her cotton candy.

This tradition has expanded from just state fairs to any kind of fair, festival or carnival that features fair food. If we're close enough she wants a funnel cake. Last year I brought her a funnel cake home, and I got some cotton candy. I also brought home some deep fried Oreos one night.

Tell me what Missouri State Fair tradition you have on Facebook or in the comments section below.

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