I recently outlined Four Big Changes Missouri Walmart Stores Are Making. When we get Walmart's new shopping carts, it'll be the fifth change the retail giant is making. There's one slight problem with the new carts, Not all Walmart shoppers love them.

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According to The U.S. Sun Walmart rolled the new carts out at a Walmart store in Mayfield, Kentucky. Here's a video of the new cart if you'd like to check it out:


The new carts seem to be a little higher than the older ones and also come with a cup holder and a cell phone holder. Now I'm a fan of the cell phone holder because I like to make my store lists on my phone. Invariably, while I'm in Walmart doing my shopping and holding my phone looking at the list, my fat fingers end up messing up my list and some item gets deleted, or the list itself just gets all messed up. So yes, a place for my phone where I can see it, is a great idea if you ask me.

That said The U.S. Sun article outlines some problems with the carts according to people who have used them. One person felt like a dwarf pushing the new cart and wondered how a short person might push them. While another person complained they had shoulder and arm pain from using the new cart style.

Others didn't like the cell phone holder, which I think is a good idea. According to the Sun, one person thought the cell phone holder was ridiculous, while another didn't like the fact that we can't seem to keep our cell phones in our pockets for five minutes.

Personally, from my experience at the Warrensburg Walmart, every time you pick a cart out it's like cart roulette. Sometimes it will roll freely and be a hassle-free experience. Other times, the wheels seem to stick, or the cart sort of veers to one side as you push it. It's OK though, that's not just a Walmart thing. That's a shopping cart thing. I've noticed recently though, that getting a bum cart is becoming more frequent in Warrensburg. So I hope the new carts come soon.

If I were Walmart, I'd worry about the complaints people have about the carts being too tall. No one should get shoulder or arm pain from rolling a shopping cart through a store. As for the beverage and cell phone holders, well, I give them a thumbs up and hope we get them here in Missouri as soon as possible. No one's forcing you to use either.

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