According to the calendar, it is officially fall, and that means the 80 and 90 degree temperatures are behind us. Many people say that summer and fall are their favorite seasons of the year. Fall is a favorite in my household since Diana and I got married in October and our son, Gabriel, was born in the fall.

One of the reasons people love fall in addition to the temperature change is that football season is going in full swing and the colors of leaves on trees start to change. One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to take the kids up to the Bothwell Lodge on Highway 65 and look down on the rolling hill full of colorful trees. I love taking the kids up there to let them play on the playground, run around or walk the trails and see the sea of orange, yellow and red colors.

The thoughts of fall really hit when the calendar said that Sept. 22 is the start of fall. This had me thinking: what is your favorite location to see the fall colors in Missouri?

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