Patrick Farves did what almost every high school boy in the United States wishes he could do. He asked Miss America, Nina Davuluri to prom. Miss America was speaking at his high school, so came up with a plan to get a date for prom. During the assembly he stood up, asked her to prom, then made his way to the stage and gave her a plastic flower. The result: Farves received in-school suspension for asking Miss America to prom during the assembly.

I understand he should not have disrupted the assembly, but give the guy a break. In my opinion, the only thing he did wrong was giver her a plastic flower. If you are going to ask Miss America to prom, you get her the real thing!

In the end Farves, received three days of in-school suspension and was turned down by Miss America. Miss America did release a statement on Facebook, asking the school to reconsider their disciplinary actions. She also said she could not attend his prom because of her travel schedule.

Poor Farves is suspended and without a date, but has a great story for the rest of his life. This made me think, if I could of had a dream date for prom, who would it be? My dream date would be Jessica Biel. She has been my TV crush since I was a young kid watching 7th Heaven.

Let us know: who would be your dream date to prom?

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