Weather is the ULTIMATE form of boring small talk.  And because we have to make so much small talk on a daily basis, we talk about weather a LOT.

And you know what they say about Missouri - If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes.  So I guess we have a lot to talk about!

According to a new survey, the average person talks about the weather four times a day, for an average of eight minutes and 21 seconds.  I don't think I'm the average person.  I don't think I've talked for eight minutes about anything in a row in a while.

So, doing the math (I know, not my strong suit), that means you talk about the weather for 3,047 minutes and 45 seconds per year.  That's about 127 hours - or more than five full days.

The average person in the U.S. lives to age 78.  So assuming you have 60 adult years, you spend more than 10 full months of your life talking about the weather.  That's ten months of your life, just talking about one thing over and over again.

People ranked weather as the top ice breaker, ahead of work, vacations, and sports.  And two-thirds of people say they actually DO find it interesting to talk about the weather.  I mean, sure.  If it's anything other than a normal fall day, of course.

The most common complaints about the weather is that it's unpredictable, it's too cold, or that it's raining.

Hopefully you'll have some good conversations about it this week.

Weatherly yours,


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