It seems as if we've experienced more rainfall this year compared to years past. Do you thing it will make a difference in the changing colors of the leaves this Autumn?

According to a news release from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), predicting fall color can be difficult, especially with the severe weather Missouri has experienced this past spring and summer.

According to the story:

Compared to previous years, fall color in Central Missouri seems to be a little behind. The forecasted rain this weekend, and the cooler weather it brings, should help brighten up the show.

To help you enjoy the fall foilage, the MDC offers weekly online fall color updates from agency foresters all over the state at

The peak of fall color in Missouri is usually around mid-October. This is when maples, ashes, oaks, and hickories are at the height of their fall display. Normally by late October, the colors are fading and the leaves beginning to drop from the trees. Fall color is usually finished by the middle of November.

The progression of color change starts earliest in north Missouri and moves southward across the state. Generally, the color change is predictable, but it can vary from year to year. Much depends on the weather.


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