The issue of catcalling women is a hot topic these days. This woman makes it perfectly clear that it is not acceptable.

Erika Smith is a New York-based actress who was catcalled by a man while waiting for the subway. Rather than ignore him, Smith decided to confront the man and record the NSFW conversation.

As Smith explained:

It was 90 degrees so I had on shorts, a T-shirt and flip-flops. This kid says to me, 'Can I ask you a question?' When she gave him the benefit of the doubt and answered, 'Sure,' she says he smirked and asked her, 'How much?'

It took a minute for Smith to catch on to what was going on, at which point she turned on her camera and let him have a piece of her mind.

Smith is certainly doing her part to put an end to catcalling. She says, "We’re not animals in the jungle, we’re people, we’re supposed to be evolved!"

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