The Women's Service League's Cupid's Ball is something that parents and kids look forward to all year.  It's a big event where fathers, grandfathers, uncles, stepfathers, and big brothers have the honor of taking the little girls in their lives to a big night out of dancing and finery.  Well, because of the weather, this year's event was cancelled.  But, that may not be the end of the story.We here at the stations did quite a bit of interaction with some of the organizers of the event, namely Susan Mergen of the Women's Service League.  They know how big a deal this is to so many people, and so they spoke out about their next move.  In a press release sent out Monday (Feb. 3), the group talked about their plans.

After much deliberation and recommendations from local safety officials, Women’s Service League (WSL) had to cancel Cupid’s Ball 2014 last Saturday, Feb. 1 due to weather conditions. We are deeply appreciative of the support and understanding from the community and are currently working on a new plan. WSL will communicate with our guests through email and they can contact us at

So, here's hoping that maybe they can get the event rescheduled.  We'll keep you updated on what happens next, and either way,  we hope all parents and their girls can take some consolation that the League is hoping to help.  Maybe we can turn that disappointment around and make some more cherished memories for these families.

Cupidly yours,


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