Some people love Peeps. My father was a big Peeps lover. One of the guys I worked for when I was doing radio in Michigan loved Peeps. Myself, the only thing Peeps are good for is the radio bit where you shove a bunch of them in your mouth and try to talk. That's funny, in a sophomoric kind of way. Yet, I know my dislike of Peeps isn't universal. And I know some of you after seeing this picture from Tiger Coffee's Facebook page are going to run out and get this Peeps drink.

And I admit, it's a cute-looking drink. It's an Easter delight whipped up by Tiger Coffee on South Limit here in Sedalia. Yaknow, the coffee joint across the parking lot from our studios. It's a Peeps Granita, which is, Colombian espresso blended perfectly with cream and delicious sweetness which is then frozen to make a refreshing treat with a Peep plopped on the top. It actually sounds like a pretty nice sweet spring treat, but I'll skip the Peep on mine.

But this Peeps creation isn't the only thing you can make with Peeps. Your kids can literally play with their food when you make them Peeps Playdough. It's a real thing on the Peeps website. Along with, Peeps ice cream cake, Peeps coffee cake, and Peeps Rice Krispies Treats.

The Brit+Co website also has an article, "The Only 15 Recipes You Need to Use Up Leftover Peeps". Their recipes include Peeps Skillet Dip which promises to convert someone like me who doesn't like Peeps, into a Peeps lover. Peeps flavored pop-corn. Even a Peeps Marshmallow Lemon Drops Martini.

If you're a Peeps lover, have at it, enjoy. Myself, I think I'll stick to biting the ears off of one of those hollow chocolate bunnies.

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