West Central Missouri may be going through one of the longer heat waves in recent memory, but that doesn't mean it won't all be about pumpkin spice everything in a week or two.

One area coffee chain is getting into the act with pumpkin spice pup cups, which you can get for your dog for free this Saturday.

Scooter's Coffee is putting a spin on its pup cups, with a fall-inspired pumpkin spice pup cup made with dog-friendly ingredients. You can get one of these for your four-legged furry friend for free at any participating Scooter's Coffee location on Saturday, August 26, 2023.

According to a news release from Scooter's Coffee, the dog-friendly pup cup ingredients include whipped cream, a pumpkin dog treat, and a dusting of cinnamon.

Additionally, the first 15 canine customers at each Scooters Coffee location will receive a free bandana with Scooter's signature Smiley logo.

The coffee chain is also starting a social media contest to find its first-ever dogfluencer.  The winning dog will be featured on a billboard in Scooter's home market of Omaha and his or her owner will receive a doggie bag full of surprises and free coffee for a year.

If you're interested in entering the contest you can find more information about it on Scooter's website or Facebook page. It sounds like a fun contest, but personally, there's a variety of hoops to go through to enter it, like this, and share that, upload this here, that kind of thing which personally turns me off. I'm more of a make it easy to enter person myself.

The cynical part of me thinks this is Scooter's ploy to get people talking about its pumpkin spice coffee drinks before the world loses its collective mind when Starbucks goes into pumpkin spice mode. And it's a very good ploy if you ask me. I mean what pet owner who has a dog that enjoys pup cups wouldn't stop in to pick one up for their furry friend? While buying a coffee drink for themselves.

Area Scooter's Coffee locations near West Central Missouri are in Warrensburg, Sedalia, Clinton, Belton, Oak Grove, Blue Springs, Harrisonville, Independence, Raytown, Overland Park, North Kansas City, Kansas City, and Ashland.

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