One of the side effects of going through the pandemic was that a fair amount of families ended up moving in with one another.

Depending on your family, this may have been a good thing or a bad thing.  When I moved back to Illinois due to a job change, I lived back in my family house for a period of time.

Obviously I am not living there now, but my sister is for medical reasons. And a new poll has found that 2/3rds of younger people who moved back in with mom and dad during the pandemic are STILL living at home.

Now many parents are willing to open their home back up to their kids under the age of 35.  A new survey found 80% of parents fall into that category.  I can tell you, my mother had some ground rules, and she still has some of them in place today.  Some of which are below.

Help With Cleaning and Cooking

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58% of parents would enforce this rule.  My mother did.  More cleaning than cooking, but I had to pull my weight.

Pay For Groceries/Household Bills

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56% of parents would enforce this rule.  Fair request.  All of the household costs like electricity, water usage and groceries will go up a bit.  My trade was installing cable for the house and paying that bill.

Have A Job Or Get One

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A lot of us were able to work from home to maintain income, or we collected unemployment.  53% of parents in the poll would make this a requirement.

Pay Rent

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Only 27% of parents would charge their kids rent.  For me, it was a small amount but it made a difference as my mother knows how to stretch a dollar.

Set Timeframe For Moving Out

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Only 11% of parents set a timeline for their kids to move out.  Truthfully this probably depends on your family again.

Have A Curfew

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10% of parents set a curfew.  My hunch, if you don't make too much noise, you can come and go as you please.  And you do not bring home strange people unannounced.

You can click HERE for even more details on this survey from LendingTree.  If you were the one moving back in with your parents, what rules may have been in place? If you were the parent, did you require any of these? Share your thoughts.

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