We've all gotten very very tired of this winter weather. I'm sure you have had to shovel, dig, and do other tedious outdoor work to deal with all the snow we've had. There's a 30-second video going around online of a little kid shoveling snow, and you can tell he's completely fed up with it.If there's anyone in the world that has captured how we all feel about this, it's this kid.  He's brilliant, he's succinct, and he's RIGHT ON.  I got stuck AGAIN in the snow today outside on my little side street, so I know how he feels.  Especially when he stops, looks up, and screams, "JESUS, make it WARM!"

We have no idea as of this second who he is, where he's from, or anything else, and I kinda wanna keep it that way.  He's universal.

Coldly yours,