Melissa Gettis from Animal F.A.I.R. (Foundation for Animals In Risk) spoke with us about fostering animals and how Animal F.A.I.R. operates.

Melissa’s official titles are Vice President and Cat Director of Animal F.A.I.R.  She primarily deals with cats, while another person deals with most of the dogs. Animal F.A.I.R. takes in cats and dogs that are at risk. Melissa explains that whether it means they’re at risk for abandonment, on euthanization lists at shelters, in poor health, pregnant animals, or animals living on the streets, the animals qualify for help from the organization.

Animal F.A.I.R. is always looking for people who would like to adopt. People are especially needed during the time of year where cat pregnancies are at their highest. Melissa explained that this can sometimes be overwhelming.

If you or someone you know would like to foster an animal, there is some criteria that has to be met. First of all, all supplies needed to care for the pet are covered by Animal F.A.I.R. You do, however, have to agree to in-home visits by the organization’s representatives and vet appointments must be kept. They require home visits to ensure that the animals are being properly cared for. All veterinarian appointments are at no cost to the foster family.

All of the details for adopting from, fostering for, or volunteering to help Animal F.A.I.R. can be found at Pet Finder, on their Facebook page, or by calling 660-281-0901 for cat questions, 660-596-4755 for dog questions, or you can email at