Christmas is here! Well, technically we have about a day and a half to spare. I really don't feel like it's that time of year. I'm not blaming anyone in particular, but I just don't have the Christmas spirit.

I have been out Christmas shopping and so have you, I have seen many of you out and about. Even though I enjoy buying gifts for my friends and family, I still can't get into the Christmas spirit.

Many of the holiday events have been cancelled here in Sedalia, I think that could have an effect on my holiday cheer. The parade was cancelled three separate times. I understand that the weather wasn't perfect, but it's December, it is always going to be cold. I think if we could have a re-do, we would have had the parade the first weekend. The parade is usually what gets me into the Christmas spirit, I enjoy seeing the floats and everyone enjoying themselves.

Not only did the parade get cancelled three times, but the City of Sedalia's Christmas Lights Contest was also cancelled. Due to the lack of participants,  the Christmas Light contest was cancelled this year. This is a tradition that has spanned over 30 years here in Sedalia.

Besides the shopping, I haven't been able to find the holiday cheer this year. I could be overreacting, and it could be a personal issue.

Whatever the case may be, we have a full 24 hours to prepare ourselves for Christmas. If you still can't get into the spirit and are ready for 2014, don't forget to recycle your tree!