Jake Owen has been to the Missouri State Fair Pepsi Grandstand stage before, and if you were there, you certainly remember what an awesome show it was.  If you weren't, you missed a great show with a lot of unexpected moments - including when Jake went out in the crowd! He's been a staple of country radio pretty much since he came out in 2006.  He's a master of a great party song, and has the perfect gentle touch for a ballad.  You certainly know his many hit records like "Yee Haw", "Startin with Me", "Don't Think I Can't Love You", "Eight Second Ride", "Alone With You", "The One That Got Away", "Anywhere With You", "Beachin", his huge hit "Barefoot Blue Jean Night", and his latest, "What We Ain't Got".  He's a Florida guy through and through, and a huge fan of the beach and good times.  He's done some introspective songs but also several fun party songs, balancing the crazy times with family time.  He's recently married in the last couple of years and has the sweetest baby girl, Pearl.


He's also got a great sense of humor, as you saw when he appeared on the Jimmy I got to talk with Jake about his new music, and his show at the Pepsi Grandstands.

So make sure you get your tickets today for the Friday night show of Jake Owen with the Eli Young Band on the Pepsi Grandstand Stage.  Check out Jake's website for updates, merch, new music, and his Instagram for a few pictures of adorable little Pearl - or maybe his cute little dog Vern!


Beachinly yours,